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web site main photoThe secret to beautiful healthy skin is Exfoliation. We all desire soft skin with that moisturizing glow but the Hustle and Bustle of our busy lives slow us down when it comes to pampering ourselves and our skin ends up suffering. “I don’t have time for extra steps every morning” I hear women say.
Unfortunately Exfoliation is not a step that you can afford to skip if you truly want healthy skin. It’s the dead skin cells piling up that are giving you that itchy dull lack luster appearance. It’s the dead skin that’s keeping the oils your skin seeks for love from penetrating the surface causing extreme dry skin and other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to worsen. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it needs lots of love. Skin cells turnover daily, and as we age the turnover begins to slow down. Just like a snake, yes we shed too. Without exfoliation in your daily or weekly routine everything you apply to the skin piles up on top of the dead cells from the days before (EEWW)….. Leaving your skin to appear shiny and moisturized on the surface, all the while underneath your skin is screaming for Helllppp! Exfoliating the face and body rids the dead layer jam up allowing moisturizers and serums to penetrate the skin.
The best exfoliation that you can give yourself would be a nice brown sugar scrub with essential oils that will heal and penetrate your skin. Brown sugar is non-abrasive giving you a delicate scrub making it perfect for daily use. Be cautious of salt scrubs as they can be more abrasive and should only be used once a month if you’re exfoliating daily. We must also beware of overly fragrant scrubs that some of the more popular companies sell. These scrubs are highly fragrant containing a high content of alcohol and to be cost effective they usually don’t contain the essential oils that are needed to heal and penetrate your skin…… sending you back down the irritated dried out itchy road you started out on.  On the hunt for a perfect scrub I discovered,
Oooh What’s That Smell who’s #1 seller is a Sugar Body Polish that’s an ABSOLUTE divine daily skin treat! http://bit.ly/V5SCmn their body polish includes sulfate free soap, grapeseed, sweet almond or safflower oil based on your skin type and along with alcohol free pure fragrance oil that too is infused with essential oil for that extra touch of healing. The Creator of Oooh What’s That Smell an All-Natural Handmade Luxury brand, agreed that most of the well-known brands of exfoliators on the market are not concerned about your skins health. Anybody with any skin condition or skin type will benefit from our products. Exfoliation has a huge misconception and most people are missing out on having good skin because they wait for the spa or the weekend to indulge.

Exfoliating is not a pampering session she says, it’s a mandatory daily step if you want healthy skin.

What’s that Smell creates 100% natural products with love that promote healthy skincare that will soothe and nourish dry or irritated skin while pleasing the senses with aroma-therapeutic delicate essential oils for Women, Men and children.  Beautiful healthy skin is important to us, so looking good and smelling great without alcohols and other abrasive chemicals is our main focus she said. Not only will your skin look good but they also customize all of their products, allowing you to smell however you like. That’s right, you can choose to have them customize your scrub from a list of your favorite designer fragrances without the alcohol that will dry up and dissipate before you even leave home.

Everybody doesn’t want to smell like apples and pears, she chuckled.  We wanted to give our clients a wider variety to choose from.

So, Faux Real Beauties…… let’s step it up, and get rid of those fancy loofah’s and 12 pairs of colorful gloves that hang off the rack in the shower. Their full of bacteria from water and the old skin you sloughed off last week and are usually too abrasive for most skin types anyway. It’s time to get back to kicking it ole school and using our hands and loving ourselves up daily. That additional 5 minutes of exfoliating in the shower will give you the beautiful healthy nourished skin that you have been looking for and you will feel good and smell good too!

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