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SYDNEY KELLIEE – is a Mom, Daughter and Fiance’ who loves her family and is extremely passionate about everything she does.

After graduating from College with a Business and Marketing Degree,- she quickly realized that her love for all things pretty was what made her happy- so she begin her journey in the field of Beauty.  By trade, she is a Licensed, Hair & MUA with experience that spans over 20 years in the Beauty Industry.  I am Currently writing training material for several companies, conducting Beauty Training Seminars around the world and building my own companies.  Having worked for some of the Top Cosmetic companies, she has been able to gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry, and how important it is for a companies to continue to expand their customer base and grow to have long term SUCCESS..

After successfully opening her own Spa, and struggling with Marketing, she realized that for many, this was where the dream usually dies. With the Internet becoming the #1 way to reach the masses and grow your business, she dove in to learn the world of Internet Marketing.  Soon the calls came in with other business owners wanting advice on how they too, could start and or resuscitate the business of their dreams and be successful.

Coaching business owners on how they can establish a professional presence online through the use of Video, Social Media and Online Marketing to explode their business, has become her niche – and deeming her ‘The Video Marketing DIVA’!

“I love the Network Marketing Industry it’s a mystery to some and mis understood by others.  I believe God placed the key to unlock the mystery in those of us he wanted to carry out the message and lead the way for others to fulfill their true destiny.”

I have always said I was going to be a Mogul and I truly am living out that dream. Today, as a Professional MUA, Hairstylist and Lifestyle Coach,  I own 4 companies all based on helping propel people especially Women to the Next Level of living, whether it be in Hair, Beauty, Cosmetics, Business, Lifestyle or Relationships.  I created this blog FauxReal Beauty 360 because I needed a place to encompass all the things I love and My goal is to make sure you feel BEAUTIFUL in every way inside and out and become VERY RICH while doing so.

Smooches………………..SYDNEY KELLIEE

Contact me for Coaching @sydneykelliee@gmail.com


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